About Us

OKW provides comprehensive and professional legal advice combined with a Western approach to client service. Our lawyers can communicate in Polish, English, German and Dutch.

The firm’s partners – Marta Olczak-Klimek, Maciej Węgiełek, Remco van der Kroft, Karolina Lach-Guziak and Jan Szary – provide a unique combination of Polish legal expertise and a Dutch no-nonsense client approach. We put our client’s business interests first and pride ourselves on always keeping the broader picture in mind.

Since its first beginnings in 2004, OKW has evolved into a law firm with a staff of 26 people in two locations: Warsaw and Wrocław.

Our support goes much further than just providing legal advice. We participate in negotiations, run training sessions, draft and review contracts, handle court disputes and also create attractive business opportunities through our far-reaching network and familiarity with foreign markets. We encourage our clients to communicate with one another and share their business experiences with the aim of running their businesses more effectively.

Warsaw Office

OKW’s head office is located in Warsaw and is run by the partners Marta Olczak-Klimek, Remco van der Kroft, Maciej Węgiełek and Jan Szary.

OKW’s Warsaw office is ideally located in the very heart of the city, near some of the most important state institutions and embassies.

Wrocław Office

Advocate Karolina Lach-Guziak runs OKW’s Wrocław office. She has experience in litigation and negotiating contracts, including infrastructure contracts.

Having an office in Wrocław means our clients can count on local support, with the extensive facilities of the OKW Law Firm also available to businesspeople from the Lower Silesia region.

In particular, our clients can count on:

  • drafting of a strategy for starting their business in Poland, with a presentation of the possible business models tailored to the client’s industry, and their full implementation,
  • comprehensive audits of activities already being carried out with a pragmatic consideration of the most important legal aspects, including protection of the company’s assets, trademarks, corporate and managerial aspects, employment law and other matters depending on the industry in which the client operates,
  • day-to-day comprehensive legal services for their business activities,
  • legal support for the joint venture and holding companies operating models,
  • protection of clients’ interests by auditing and implementing security systems for the business activities and company assets, including implementation of contracting security procedures, insurance of operations and the introduction of D&O policies into the structure of the clients’ companies,
  • securing clients’ receivables,
  • negotiating commercial contracts and all types of agreements according to clients’ needs,
  • pursuing outstanding debts through legal proceedings and the protection of their interests in court.