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Insuralex is a group set up by independent law firms that specialise in insurance and re-insurance coverage, defence, litigation and all other related legal services. Insuralex exists to provide its members with a worldwide referral network of the highest quality. Insuralex members are considered experts in their jurisdictions in the fields of insurance, re-insurance and litigation. Today, Insuralex associates more than 50 independent law firms from Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Insuralex is continuously expanding its member base with law firms from around the world, all of which share a common approach to legal practice, involving passion and the highest service standards.

Bill Perry, President of Insuralex, said when OKW joined: “We are very fortunate to have this excellent firm joining Insuralex. They have an impressive spread of skills and expertise in a
wide range of Insurance and Commercial disciplines. We welcome their proactive stance and know that they will make a terrific contribution to our Group”. The Insuralex network allows OKW to offer high quality legal services to the Polish insurance community throughout the world.

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Remco van der Kroft is one of the founding members of Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad (DBLA). DBLA is an association of Dutch business lawyers working across the globe which was founded by seven experienced Dutch attorneys specialising in commercial law who have practised in a dozen countries or so around the world. All of the founding members were, and most of them still are, admitted to the Netherlands bar and licensed to practise in the country in which they work.

DBLA is currently present in 14 countries.

There is only one DBLA member per country, and new members are always carefully vetted by the founding members beforehand. They are all native or near-native Dutch speakers, fluent both in English and in the local language of the country in which they have been practising for many years. Above all, they are familiar with both the Dutch legal system and the country’s local legal system.

DBLA members bridge the legal and cultural gap between the Netherlands and the country in which they practise. This means Dutch clients abroad can feel at home. Needless to say, DBLA members are also pleased to provide legal services to non-Dutch clients in the same proactive way that they would expect in the Netherlands.