Company Law

We provide comprehensive legal advice in all aspects related to the functioning of commercial companies.

We create and implement effective company transformation strategies, tailored to the business objectives of our clients.

Together with our experienced tax advisors, we will help you choose the most appropriate structure for doing business.

We review the legal risks related to the creation and acquisition of existing business entities, and we also carry out comprehensive company due diligence processes by implementing pragmatic legal solutions. We deliver effective solutions to protect the know-how of our clients and can help with carrying out personnel and capital changes within a company.

Through advising many clients from a wide range of industries, we have acquired the necessary experience to be able to provide legal support in situations requiring immediate assistance.

We have been advising on complex M&A and joint venture processes in Poland and abroad for many years.

Our services as part of the above include:

    • creating models for our clients’ market operations,
    • transforming existing entities within the scope of all legally permissible forms,
    • carrying out comprehensive changes within existing entities,
    • negotiating commercial contracts,
    • creating a coherent vision of the functioning of companies adapted to the changing
    • legal conditions and the clients’ strategies,
    • conducting pragmatic and comprehensive legal, tax and economic audits,
    • delivering innovative solutions based on our multi-disciplinary experience,
    • drafting company corporate documents,
    • developing and negotiating company management models, including managerial, contracts, employment contracts and others,
    • protecting the liability of clients, their management boards and partners,
    • auditing the insurance in place within companies and negotiating new models in order to fully and comprehensively protect the legal interests of the entities represented.

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