Employment law

We verify the compliance of our clients’ employment law procedures with the applicable legal provisions and help them to adjust their internal regulations in this respect.

We ensure that our clients’ procedures and documentation comply with the provisions of employment law and with the requirements of personal data security.

Our familiarity with a wide range of industries, including the production, commercial and service sectors, makes it possible for us, together with our clients and their HR departments, to create comprehensive documentation within the scope of employment law, including workplace and remuneration regulations, as well as other legal acts.

We support incorporated entities with the employment and releasing of management staff.

We draft compliance policies and then train our clients’ employees on them.

We also handle court cases in the field of employment law, with our own trial experience acquired, among others, in matters concerning harassment and mobbing.

Our services for our clients include:

  • drafting employment and management agreements,
  • developing employee document templates, including employment contracts, annexes, notices, and others,
  • negotiating terms of employment,
  • providing support in day-to-day contacts with employees,
  • drafting internal regulations, such as work and remuneration regulations, including complex bonus systems and systems allowing for the application of 50% deductible costs by employees,
  • training employees, according to requirements,
  • verifying employee files and whether they are being maintained correctly,
  • performing employment law due diligence processes in companies,
  • representing clients in matters associated with employment law, including mobbing, violations of personal rights, and others,
  • terminating or issuing termination notices for contracts with employees or board members in compliance with the relevant procedures.

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